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Exam Preparations

IELTS & Cambridge

15 hours per week.

The Cambridge First Certificate in English  and the IELTS Preparation are an eight or twelve weeks courses designed to develop the specific language skills of students preparing to take the IELTS or Cambridge Examinations.

Thess programmes targets the Reading, Writing, Use of English (grammar component), Listening and Speaking competencies that are required to successfully complete the examinations.

We will help you to:

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of the format of the exam
  • Practise effective strategies to approach all types of exam tasks
  • Increase your range of grammar and vocabulary for everyday situations in an English-speaking setting
  • Focus on pronunciation, improving your accuracy as well as your fluency
  • Develop face-to-face speaking skills for real-life situations, such as expressing opinions and presenting arguments using natural expressions and functional language
  • Improve writing skills through letters, reports and a variety of text types
  • Develop key listening skills for a better understanding of general topics, such as the news

Afternoon: Monday to Friday from 13:00 – 16:30

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