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External End-of-programme Exams Policy

Students at LISC undertake a short assessment on a weekly or fortnightly basis. This allows student to check their progress and to guide them toward their external end-of–course exam.

All students at LISC who attend a course of 25 weeks or longer are required to register for the relevant external exam for their course.
In the case of students who are studying for 25 weeks or more on a student visa, these students must register for this exam at the beginning of their course. External exams are corrected by Cambridge ESOL and the results are sent to the school.
All long term students will have a meeting with the Academic Manager on the
first day of their course. The Academic Manager will discuss the student’s learning plan and recommend an exam.
Students who are in Ireland on a student visa will be reminded during induction that they
must take an external exam. They will be asked to sign a statement to confirm this. The Academic Manager will register students for the relevant exam and inform students of the time and date of the exam in good time.
Students will either undertake one of the Cambridge ESOL examinations: FCE or CAE.
If students have questions about their external exams, they should contact the Academic Manager (, +35361951671)

The Cambridge Suite Exams

Cambridge exams are some of the world’s most popular English language exams. There are two Cambridge exams which are offered by ALL. They are as follows:

EXAM 1: FCE - CEFR Level B2
EXAM 2: CAE - CEFR Level C1
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