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Absenteeism and Expulsion Policy

  • A student who is absent for three days without prior explanation, is contacted, by telephone, by the Academic Manager.
  • In the event of illness, the student must produce a medical certificate for any absence longer than these three days.
  • Failure to respond to initial contact is followed up, within 3 working days, with an e-mail to the student requesting a meeting with the Academic Manager.
  • If there is repeated, uncertified absence for a period longer than 2 weeks, the student receives an initial warning letter, reminding her/him of the minimum requirement for attendance.
  • If the student does not improve their attendance within the 2 weeks following this letter, a second letter is issued, warning the student that allowing her/his attendance to go below this requirement will result in a letter of expulsion being issued.
  • Further failure to rectify attendance within 2 weeks, or agree a plan to keep attendance above the 85% level results in the third and final letter (expulsion) being issued, at which stage the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) is also informed and receives a copy of the letter.

All warning letters are issued by the Academic Manager (, phone: +35361951671)

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